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Read About Our Staff Experiences

Our staff mean everything to us. Seyon’s services in engineering design require a high level of communication with our clients to ensure we deliver the goal on time and within budget.  We’re our client’s growth partner. We plug into our client’s day-to-day operations and deliver the project to the highest Australian quality standards.

Seyon Staff Profiles


Duraipandian T.jpg

A Team Leader and veteran of Seyon, Duraipandian loves his cricket and working with his team to imagine brilliant designs that solve problems all day long.


What has Seyon done to help your career?

Duraipandian’s leadership qualities were recognised early on to lead his team. Duraipandian has done an amazing job at Seyon with outstanding results. 


”Seyon has given me a platform to develop skills in various domains in personal growth and leadership. I love to be challenged and leading a team has helped me manage a team effectively.”


What is the greatest achievement whilst working at Seyon and why?

“One of the achievements I consider the greatest in developing my communication skills across different clients in difficult situations with success. I’ve also learnt a lot about piping and water treatment design and application which I did not have before joining Seyon.”


If you were CEO of Seyon - what would you do?

“If I were CEO, I’d build more activities between employees - socially.  I’d also like to have a core team for each of our many sectors.”


What do you love about your job?

“I am proud to find a solution for the customer when challenges arise.”


Who inspires you?

“My role model is Virat Kohli. He always inspires me by shaping the Indian Test Cricket team to win - every time. He builds a team and sets the example for the team.”


Vignesh M.jpg

Vignesh is one of our Mechanical Team Leaders and keeps the pace of the project ticking along amongst the team. An expert in product design, Vignesh designs 3D models and prepares detail and assembly drawings for the client to implement to the highest quality of Australian standards.


When not on the tools, Vignesh has a keen interest in photography and loves relaxing with a good movie.


What has Seyon done to help your career?

“Seyon has increased my confidence to work with all kinds of jobs and customers. I’ve also been able to learn new technical skills to help me better understand the client’s needs and how it integrates into their project.


What is the greatest achievement whilst working at Seyon and why?

“I have been working on projects single-handedly over the past few years and delivering projects on time.”


If you were CEO of Seyon - what would you do?

“If I was CEO I would love to have more customers with more staff to fulfil their projects.”


What do you love about your job?

“I'm really happy that I was allowed to work and learn at my own pace. There is such good support and a great team to work with.”


Who inspires you?

I admire our Country Manager - Srini. I wonder at times how he can manage so many things with ease. He is a great communicator with clients. He has been my inspiration in every single job I work on.”


Senguttuvan T.jpeg

One of our Senior Design Engineers has been part of the team for 3 years. Senguttuvan has a thirst for knowledge and lives and breathes engineering. 


Senguttuvan has a deep interest in economics and gets to the heart of his work and a broader understanding of the client’s needs.


“My job role is crucial at Seyon….they’ve helped me become stronger and more positive.”


Senguttuvan says, “If you are genuinely working with a good quality output, then Seyon will take care of your career growth.”


What has Seyon done to help your career?

During his time at Seyon, Senguttuvan has been able to research and explore new design software and enhance his expertise across design theories furthering his career.


What is the greatest achievement whilst working at Seyon and why?

In the first 12 months, Senguttuvan applied his education across smaller projects with the hope to get up to speed quickly. A successful introduction saw Senguttuvan mentored by the Country Manager - Srinivasan Lakshminaryanan to manage more extensive projects.


Now a Senior Design Engineer, Senguttuvan handles several clients individually with regular positive customer feedback and a mission to deliver the best outcome for the customer every time.


If you were CEO of Seyon - what would you do?

“Every year I would select two or three employees to visit Australia and have team lunches or dinners.”


What do you love about your job?

“I love my job, I am confident when wearing the Seyon shirt…. there is something special, positive energy….and it says this day is for you.”


Who inspires you?

“Srinivasan Lakshminaryanan has inspired me a lot, why…. because I admire his talent and his way of handling clients and colleagues. Outside Seyon, Mr.Ratan Naval Tata. He was the chairman of Tata Group. I admire his outside-of-the-box thinking and how humble he is. Such a wonderful human being.”

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