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Modular Skid Design

We don’t just Draft, We add Value

Skids are now part of any Process Plant Systems. The reasons are simple – modularized, manufactured and assembled at the shop, easily transportable and almost like plug & play.

There is no question about the need for the Modular Skids. But how to effectively engineer them so that it serves the purpose?. This is where, Seyon with its experience comes into picture - To come up with the customized design of the Modular Skid that best suits the application, transportation and installation requirements with an optimized size.

Seyon has done multiple simple to complex Modular Skid systems for various process applications.

Engineering the Modular Skid, starts from the selection of the right structural members, effectively arranging them to take the load and at the same time to fulfill the functionality.


Does it stop there?... No. The manufacturing aspects need to be thoroughly worked out during the design and provide the flexibility for assembly. Usage of the right fittings & fixtures.


Does it stop there?...No. With the component libraries in place with us, the engineering time frame is considerably reduced, that results in engineering cost reduction to the customer.

Does it stop there?...No. Improvements to the Skid Design, use of the latest manufacturing technologies, materials, components and the innovation continues…

No job is too small that we give less importance
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