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Water Treatment 

Process Flow 


Smart P&ID's

Plant Layouts


Piping  Isometrics

Water Treatment has been one of the Sectors that Seyon has done many projects and has gained a very good experience in Recycled Water Treatment, Waste Water Treatment and Sewage Water Treatment.

Seyon has a very good list of happy customers that we have been serving with our value added services in the Sector.

Having provided our assistance to several plants, we have developed a broad understanding of Australian Standards in this Water Treatment Sector. We customize our services as per customer’s need that has been providing good value to our customers.

Our strength also includes development of Containerized Water Treatment Plants and Modularized Skids that provide great value to the customers from the layout, transportation and installation point of views.

Our Services include :

  • Preparation of Process Flow Diagrams.

  • Preparation of Process and Instrumentation Diagrams.

  • Concept Plant System Design and Layout.

  • 3D Plant Layout.

  • 2D General Arrangement Drawings.

  • Product Development and Detailing.

  • Design and Detailing of Structural Steel Work.

  • 3D Piping Design and Layouts.

  • Piping Isometrics.

  • Material Take Offs.

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