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Product Development

We don’t just Draft, we add Value

Developing a product has been a very interesting service that Seyon always love to take up, as it challenges our ability to come up with a design that we can take pride of.


Key for Product Development

  • Innovative Skills.

  • Know how about the application.

  • Practical knowledge.

  • Manufacturing methodologies.

  • Machine design skills.

  • Materials knowledge.


Seyon is well versed with a combination of all the above.


Seyon has been successful in providing Product Development assistance to its customers, including end to end design & drafting services.


All our employees are professional engineers with both design & drafting skills and fundamentally strong in machine design.


Seyon with its transparent, secure and easy communication methods can work very closely with customers to assist in Product Development.

No job is too small that we give less importance
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